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Fresh Linen

Cotton Blossom + Spring Breeze

Looking for a candle that smells fresh and clean? Our answer... Fresh Linen.

Imagine cotton sheets billowing in a spring breeze when the world is blooming and bursting with freshness. Scent notes include cotton blossom and lily of the valley with a light woody base. It's a fresh, crisp scent that is sure to bring a smile, just like a beautiful spring day.

Our Glass Candle is a full-sized 8 oz glass with a 50-hour burn time. The soy wax is housed in a white container that matches with virtually any decor.

When you are finished enjoying your Candle, simply snuff it out with the wooden lid. The sturdy glass container is also great for repurposing, so feel free to get creative.

Don't forget our Happiness Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us. If candles are damaged during transit, we will gladly replace them for free.


Glass Candle | Glass + Wood Lid | Net Weight: 8.00 oz. Burn Time: 40-50 hrs.

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